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Moving Cost Calculator

Moving within the state, or out of state is a process of huge investment. For a safe and secure move, it is better to hire a professional moving company that can handle your move from scratch. When it comes to the cost of moving, then yes, it is expensive if you hire a professional moving company. But if you have the right tool to estimate the cost of your move, then you can start saving and plan how to spend money and where. Moving Ally has one of the most efficient moving tools to determine the cost of moving- The Moving Cost Calculator. The moving cost calculator will give you an approximate digit that you have to spend for the entire moving process. Here we have listed several factors that you need to consider while calculating the moving cost for your next move.

How much does a moving company charge?

The cost of relocation depends on the total weight of the shipment and in the case of estimating the moving cost it is evaluated based on the total number of bedrooms. For a local move, the average cost is $1,250 while for long distance move the average cost of moving is $4,890. This estimated cost is for a 2-3 bedroom move which can weigh approximately 7,500 pounds.

Local Move Cost Calculator
For Local Move

Moving from one city to another within the state boundaries is considered a local move. The cost of a local move is based on the number of bedrooms to be moved- for a studio to 1-Bedroom ($501-$985); for 2-3 bedrooms ($966-$1,730) and 4-5 bedrooms ($1,940- $2900).

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Long Distance Move Cost Calculator
For Long-distance Moves

The cost of moving across the states can be higher as several factors can affect the cost like gas price, tolls, etc. The moving cost for a long-distance move can vary for distances from 250-2500+ miles. The cost of a move can be as low as $1200 and can go up to $14,100 and that depends on the size of the property ranging from a Studio apartment to 4-5 bedrooms.

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Factors affecting the cost of moving

How Much Does it Cost

Size of the property
A bigger property means more belongings which finally results in heavy shipment. As a result, extra moving labor and special moving supplies are required.

Moving - Packing Service

Packing service
If you hire a full-service moving company, they will handle everything packing, loading-unloading, and transportation. The services that are additional to transportation in moving adds extra cost.

Moving Services

Additional moving service
Moving add-ons can affect your moving cost. Add-ons include several services like assembling-disassembling, installation-uninstallation, etc. Moving items extra to the items listed in the moving inventory can also add extra cost.

Moving Supplies

Moving supplies
Whether you move locally or over a long distance, your belongings need to be safe and secure. Asking movers for special packing and moving supplies will also add extra cost to the final moving cost.

Date of Moving

Date of moving
The moving date is a great factor that affects moving costs. Moving on weekends or during peak season is costly as compared to the move on a weekday or during the off-season.

Moving & Storage

Sometimes people need storage service when they move to a smaller property size or have some items that are of no use to them. Renting storage adds extra cost.

Moving From - Moving To

Origin and destination
If the origin or destination of your move is from the top routes (routes including- NY, NJ, CA, NV, AZ, FL TX, etc.) the the cost of moving will be less as compared to the other states with less traffic.

Total Number of Labors required for specific moves

Property Size Property Area Number of Moving Labors Approx. number of days to complete move Estimated Moving Cost
Studio Apartment 400 - 600 Sq.Ft. 2 Labors 1 Day $501 - $985
1 - 2 Bedrooms 700 - 1200 Sq.Ft. 2 Labors 1 to 2 Days $900 - $1,500
2 - 3 Bedrooms 1100 - 1600 Sq.Ft. 3 Labors 1 to 2 Days $966 - $1,730
3 - 4 Bedrooms 1500 - 2200 Sq.Ft. 3 Labors 2 to 3 Days $1,500 - $2,500
4 - 5+ Bedrooms 2000 - 3000 Sq.Ft. 4 Labors 2 to 4 Days $1,940 - $2900
Prop. Size Prop. Area (SqFt) No. of Moving Labors Approx. no. of days Est. Moving Cost
Studio 400- 600 2 1 Day $501 - $985
1 - 2 Br 700 - 1200 2 1 - 2 $900 - $1,500
2 - 3 Br 1100 - 1600 3 1 - 2 $966 - $1,730
3 - 4 Br 1500 - 2200 3 2 - 3 $1,500 - $2,500
4 - 5+ Br 2000 - 3000 4 2 - 4 $1,940 - $2900