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Moving Planner

Moving Ally offers you various moving tools that help you plan and organize your move more efficiently. Here we bring you a Moving Planner which is created to assist you in your moving journey. With our moving planner, you can arrange everything before the moving day and enjoy while relocating. A planned move means no hassle, no worries and you will miss nothing. Let’s check out the moving planner.

04 Weeks

4 weeks before the move doesn’t mean you have a lot of time. But when you start planning it seems you are short on time. Don’t panic, you still can manage everything if you follow this plan.

4 weeks before the move

  • Start researching for moving companies & book a mover
  • Connect with moving insurance companies
  • Create an inventory list of the items to be moved
  • Declutter your belongings and list them for sale or donation
  • Start packing items that are not used frequently
  • Order packing & moving supplies if needed
  • Notify your utility provider & bank about the changes in the postal address
  • Arrange childcare and pet care services for the moving day
  • Visit your new neighborhood to explore everything
  • Inform your landlord about the move
02 Weeks

It’s a busy week as you have to do a lot of things from arranging a parking spot in a new neighborhood to hosting a goodbye party. Let’s see what else you have to do.

2 weeks before the move

  • Apply for a parking permit in the new neighborhood
  • Schedule termination and start date for utility services at the old house and new house
  • Start cleaning the place to save money on your security deposit
  • Time to say goodbye to your neighbors and friends in the old neighborhood- host a party
  • If you need storage, book it now
  • Secure all your documents and pack them in a bag separately as you have to carry them
  • Start consuming items in the refrigerator
01 Week

Final pack-up week and time to start preparing for moving day.

1 week before the move

  • Pack a bag for essential items that you need in the first week after the move
  • Prepare food for the moving day
  • Prepare a floor plan for the moving day
  • Clean up the dishwasher and remove moisture
  • Arrange uninstallation and dissembling service for appliances
  • Arrange junk removal service
  • Inspect the old house with the landlord
01 Day

Time to cross off the tasks in the moving checklist. Take a deep breath and get ready for the big day.

1 day before the move

  • Arrange cash for the moving day
  • Confirm with childcare and pet care services
  • Prepare if the weather is not good
  • Confirm timing with the moving company
00 Day

Finally, the day is here, say goodbye to the old and move to your new house with a smile on your face.

Moving Day

  • Keep your handbag and first-week essentials bag separate from the moving boxes
  • Keep a check on the inventory list
  • Explain the floor plan to the movers & keep eye on the inventory
  • Drop off your kids with the childcare service
  • Walk through the house once loading is completed
  • Handover the keys to the landlord